Malaysia Outdoor Sport Activities

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If you are a sports lover or a challenger, then you wouldn’t want to skip this post. Malaysia might be able to help you to fulfill all your bucket lists, except winter sports.

1. Skydive

Skydive has always been in my bucket lists for many years, but I haven’t achieved yet. There are two skydive companies that I know, One Day Pilot and Hawk Skydive. Both companies are located at Kuala Lumpur, and both have only skydive. For any more information, please click in their web page. One Day Pilot l Hawk Skydive

2. Water Rafting

Just by looking at the picture, my heart is already bumping like I was with them now. There are many rafting places all over Malaysia, but if you would like to go for the extreme one, the place of this picture is the best for you. This rafting place is located at Sabah, Tenom, and is call Padas White Water Rafting. For any booking enquiry, please contact Riverbug.Asia.

3. Hiking

Hiking may sounds easy, but Mount Kinabalu is a different thing. Mount Kinabalu is located at Ranau, and it’s ranked as the top 20 highest mountain in the world. It doesn’t need too much of introduction about Mount Kinabalu, you can easily search it on Google. For any booking enquiry, please contact Mount Kinabalu.

4. Paragliding

I would say paragliding is more chill and safe. You don’t need to much of training and efforts, as you could ask for a trainer to fly with you if you want to have Titanic kind of feel. I only know three places that provide this sport, two are located at Kota Kinabalu (Tandem Paragliding Ranau, and Kokol Paragliding), the other company is located at Kuala Lumpur (OXBOLD).

5. Snorkeling & Diving

Sabah is known as “The Land Below The Wind.” Sabah is blessed with a diverse landscape of tropical forests, rugged mountains, green flat lands and pristine seas. There are islands around Kota Kinabalu and Semporna. My best recommendation is Semporna’s islands. There are plenty of amazing sea creatures at Semporna islands, and many of the islands have been voted as the most beautiful island around the world. For any booking enquiries, please visit Scuba Junkie.

6. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an intense sport, it requires years of training and skills. If you think you are ready, then go ahead! There are five locations for rock climbers. Extreme Level: Dragon’s Horn. Medium Level: Mountain Torq and Bukit Takun. Beginner Level: Bukit Keteri and Jesselton Park.

7. Base Jumping

I just found out that Malaysia do have Base Jumping!!! Unfortunately, this base jumping only located in Kuala Lumpur, and it’s only organize once a year for four days only. There are requirements to be able to join this event, You must have been actively base jumping for the last two years, and must have made no less than 20 jumps in the 12 months leading up to the event. If you’ve achieved these requirements then contact KL Tower to get involve.

8. Bungee Jump

Don’t get fed up if you couldn’t participate the Base Jump. Go and join bungee jump then! This bungee jump is located at Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. For ticket purchase, go to Sunway Lagoon website.

9. Cliff Jumping

Malaysia do not extreme cliff jumping, however we still have some easy cliff jumping locations. Berkelah Falls located at Pahang. Chiling Falls located at Selangor. Gepai Falls located near Bidor. Lata Bayu located at Kedah. Air Terjun Taman Suria located at Perak.

I’ve changed to another platform to blog, so do follow me on the other platform. This account will be inactive. Thank you for your support!


These are all outdoor activities that you could explore while visiting Malaysia. I hope these information can help you in finding activities to play. Comments below, if you know any more outdoor activities to explore around Malaysia. I may transfer my blog to other platform, so do stay tune!

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